The Vanquishing of the Witch Baba Yaga

"Like a daydream"
New York Times

"Something to wish that more films dared to strive for"
Village Voice

Catalog No.: NOV011

From generation to generation, centuries-old Slavic folklore carries the legendary tale of Baba Yaga, a ferocious witch who lives in a hut perched on chicken legs in a haunted forest. When their family home is invaded in this version of the tale, the young heroine and her brother escape deep into the woods to seek refuge.

In deceptively benevolent fashion, Baba Yaga offers shelter and cruelly tests their spirit and resolve with every impossible challenge she bestows on them. Using a traditional illustration style, director Jessica Oreck retells the unifying narrative of this widely and diversely told tale, interweaving it with a modern, anthropological portrait of present-day life in Eastern Europe. Taking the viewer through the deeply rooted traditions that foster a profound and enduring connection to the forest, this enchanting film is a meditation on the passing down of story and tradition, the confluence of mythology and the subconscious, and the accumulation of collective memory.

Director: Jessica Oreck | US | 2015 | 73 mins
Available formats: DCP/Blu-Ray